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KALX Interview!

For those of you who slept in and missed it, here is the audio from today’s interview:

KALX Interview!

For those of you who slept in and missed it, here is the audio from today’s interview:

Emily’s Army on KALX this Wednesday (Sept. 21st)

Tune in this Wednesday (the 21st) for a live interview with the guys on Berkeley’s KALX. Interview runs from 8AM to 9AM. Listen live  here.

Emily’s Army in Dover, NH CANCELED

EMILY’S ARMY TOUR UPDATE: Unfortunately tonight’s Emily’s Army show in Dover, NH has been CANCELED. We’ll let you know if anything changes…

Get Stoked On It with Emily’s Army

Two Senses recently chatted with the band’s singer and guitarist, Cole Becker, about Don’t Be A Dick, Jack Black movies and touring in the middle of nowhere.

1. I figure the obvious question of “how was it like growing up with a rockstar” gets posed to Joey a lot, so let’s start things off differently. How did you all get into playing music?

Cole: Actually, when I was growing up, I listened to a lot of Green Day. But I also listened to a lot of Creedence Clearwater Revival, Jimi Hendrix, and older stuff like that. I’ve known Joey for as long as I can remember, and I’ve been around his family forever. But what really “frosted the cake” for me with music was the movie School of Rock. After watching it, I was done…I wanted to learn the guitar so bad and I finally started playing when I was 9. Since then, I have never stopped loving it.

2. If you could pick one album that you grew up with and inspired you to play music, what would the album be and why?

Cole: I think the biggest inspiration to me has been Creedence’s Greatest Hits CD. My mom loves Creedence, and I do too. To this day, I think that it still has the most amount of plays on my iPod.

3. How did you all meet/become a band?

Cole: When we were all little, my dad designed the Armstrong’s house. I guess we just seemed like nice kids, so Joey, Max and I would have play dates all of the time. After seeing School of Rock, Joey and I became a band and invited Max to join. After a while, we got a gig at my sister’s birthday party. However, the day it fell on, I broke my wrist. Joey went to a different school and knew a kid named Travis, who we called and asked to learn our songs and play with us that night. Luckily, he is a fast learner, and we did great. We loved having him around, so he stayed with us.

4. The new album’s called Don’t Be A Dick. Is there an underlying reason for naming the album that? It is for fun or to call out specific people?

Cole: Other than it being something we say to each other to keep us all in check, Don’t Be A Dick means a few other things. A lot of the songs call out dicks, so it seemed to fit. We knew that we wanted it to catch the eye, which I hope it does. I also just really like the way it flows.

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History In The Making: Emily’s Army

Check out this great feature on

Emily’s Army is a four member band based in the East Bay.

Emily’s Army is a teenaged punk band that first made headlines because the drummer, Joey Armstrong, is the son of Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong, but they have a lot to offer other than family connections. They play the kind of fast, loud, poppy punk rock that’s been making kids go nuts ever since the ‘70s and they have such a positive message—their debut album is called Don’t Be a Dick, and they revel in raising awareness for Cystic Fibrosis research —that you can’t help but smile when you hear them. They’ve been touring up and down the West Coast (their home base is San Francisco), and they spoke to us about the appeal of punk, having fun, and being inspired by comedy.

Your guys’ bio on MySpace says you’ve known each other since you were four years old. Is that true? 
Joey Armstrong and Max Becker: Yup.

Click here to read the rest of the interview

"History In The Making: Emily’s Army"

Check out our new interview and some tracks off of “Don’t Be A Dick” on!

Last Show!

Hey everyone! Tonight is our last show after a two week long north western tour. This is also the last show we will play till August. Please come out! Bring your friends and family. We can all hang out and listen to some cool bands like Bobby Joe Ebola and The Children Macnuggets!